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Web of Science

Web of Science was the first citation database and the only citation database for over 40 years.  It was founded by ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) which is now part of Thomson Reuters.


The database is interdisciplinary, and consists of three sections: Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Arts & Humanities Citation Index.  Data is available back to 1900 for the sciences, back to 1956 for the social sciences (but abstracts aren't available for items older than 1992), and 1975 for the arts and humanities.  However, coverage back to 1900 is being added for Web of Science.

The Social Science Citation database indexes almost 2,000 journals across 50 social sciences disciplines, and selected relevant materials from other resources.  Some of the social sciences included are social issues, anthropology, social sciences, and psychology. Special education is included, as is Education & Educational Research.

Content in Education & Educational Research is described by Web of Science web site as:
"Education & Educational Research covers resources on the full spectrum of education, from theoretical to applied, from nursery school to Ph.D. Included in this category are resources on pedagogy and methodology as well as on the history of education, reading, curriculum studies, education policy, and the sociology and economics of education, as well as the use of computers in the classroom."

The database covers primarily journal articles, and some conference proceedings. Web of Science indexes only the top journals in a discipline.

The database interface makes it possible to view and link to articles in bibliographies, and to view a list of articles that cite a given article. It is possible to search the database by subject or author, and limit by year or publication.  It is also possible to search for a specific article for which you want citation data.

Web of Science offers a variety of ways to view and analyze data and has the most sophisticated interface and options for working with results.

See the Web of Science fact sheet for more details about what you can do with Web of Science.
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