Analysis Practice:  Web of Science

A copy of this exercise is included in the workbook so that you can record your answers and notes.  Once you've completed the exercise, check your answers by down-loading the answer sheet.

(1)   You are interested in the use of computer technologies for professional development.  Analyze your topic briefly and record your search statement here:

(2)  Search the Web of Science database with this search statement:

"professional development" AND (comput* OR online OR technolog* OR web OR internet)

(3)  Scan the first 10 or so results, what do they suggest to you about this topic?  Is it very focused or diverse?  What about variables, such as methods or populations, do you see any possible trends or patterns?

(4)  Sort your results by times cited.  What are the top 3 results?  Can you suggest reasons why these articles are highly cited?

(5)  Analyze your results by author, institution, and source.

  (a)  What are the top authors? 

  (b)  What are the top institutions?

  (c)  What journals publish the most on this topic?

  (d)  What do these results look like? 
  (e)   Why do you think they look this way?

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