Assessment 1:  Web of Science Search & Analyze

Download the answer sheet for assessment exercise, add your responses, and email it as an attachment to Eleanor Smith


You are interested in learning more about critical thinking. 
1.  What search statement would you use?

2. Perform this search in Web of Science.   How many results did you get?

3.  Sort your results by times cited, and copy and paste the 5 most cited articles into the answer sheet.  For each article, describe why you think this article might be highly cited.

Analyze your results for subject, institution, and source.
4.  Who are the top 2 authors and how many articles each do they have?

5.  What is the top institution?  How many articles are indicated?

6.  What are the two 2-3 sources? And how many articles were published in each one?

7.  If you are a researcher in this area, how might you use the information about the top sources?
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