Exercise: Citation Tools Review

There is a paper copy of this exercise available in the Workbook.  Once you have finished, open the answer sheet to check your answers.

Put the initials/abbreviation of the appropriate citation tool next to each statement that is true about the resource.  There may be more than one answer for a statement.

GS---Google Scholar
WoS---Web of Science
JCR---Journal Citation Reports

This citation resource:
______Covers only journals from a specific publisher
______Covers many disciplines
______Includes some article citation data back to 1900
______Lets you view and follow links in a paper’s bibliography
______Provides citation-related data for journals (not articles)
______Is available for free
______Lets you download sets of data/results
______Covers all kinds of documents, including books, reports, electronic theses, etc.
______Only lets you download one record at a time
______Lets you look at a list of publications that all cite a single paper
______Covers only the top journals in a discipline
______Lets you look up the Impact Factor for a journal
______Let’s you sort search results by times cited, so you can see the paper with the most citations.
______Is multidisciplinary
______Only covers publications in the field of psychology
______Searches the full text of documents (whatever’s available online)
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On Your Own

This table is part of the workbook, or download it separately below and use it to organize your knowledge of the characteristics of Google Scholar and Web of Science..
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